Company Overview
Our Vision:
To manufacture the safest and most versatile long range utility aircraft throughout the world.
Renowned globally for its reliability and unparalleled levels of performance, be it
on the plains of the Serengeti,
                                            within Military airspace or
                                                                                  on the waters of Lake Titicaca.
Our Mission:
We are committed to achieve the highest level of utility air transportation by using safety as the departure point for everything.
We strive for:
S    Satisfaction - Our goal is to not only meet but also exceed our customer’s requirements.
A    Accountability - To account for our activities, accept responsibility for our actions and disclose the results in a transparent manner.
F    Fidelity - To provide superior customer service thereby ensuring the fidelity of every client.
E    Excellence - Excellence in the performance of every task in a superior manner. We take pride in doing
this by accepting ownership, exceeding expectations and striving for continuous improvement in everything we do.
T    Trustworthy - We uphold uncompromising integrity and demonstrate honest and ethical behaviour in all negotiations, actions and transactions.
Y    Youthfulness - We foster continuous improvement, creativity, innovation and resourcefulness for our staff and employees.