M-Wolf A.U.V. - induna
Intended as an ultra versatile aerial patrol vehicle suited to bush conditions that can also back up as an air ambulance and rescue vehicle.

Suited to Bush Operations & Bush Strips   Angle of attack display (heads up)
Suited to Amphibian & Coastal Operations   Very reasonable Acquisition cost
All round Search & Rescue Vision   Ultra low Operational cost
Thermal Imaging & Integrated Surveillance      
Low Noise Generating Aircraft  
Double Fowler Flaps allow Low Speed Loitering  
Ultra Long Range (3500km+)  
Ability to stay Air Born for 16hrs+  
African Continent full Maintenance plan  
Varied Cargo Options  
  (1 seat + full Cargo / Ambulance / 7 seat Carrier)  
Easy Access to Pontoon fitted Weapons  
Wings accommodate Multiple hard points  
Storage under 3rd row seat and in tail