Performance Specifications
Stall speed @ MTOW: 54kts  /  100km/h  
Climb Rate: 1200ft/min  365m/min
Cruise speed: 120kts  /  222km/h
VNE: 176kts  /  326km/h
Noise level: Highest European Regulation Compliant
Min Thrust: 1600lbf  /  7111N

Power Plant

Vliegmasjien's ADEPT Airmotive 320HP Turbo motor uses cutting edge engine technology, and is therefore extremely economical and reliable whilst offering affordable maintenance costs. It is a compact design that offers high efficiencies, light weight, low vibration levels and high structural integrity leading to long engine life. Vliegmasjien's Adept 320T runs on Mogas with a Catalytic converter to lead the way in aviation adaptation to the 21st century.


Vliegmasjien fits only the very best components.

Vliegmasjien’s MTV5 “left hand reversing pusher” has the following attributes:
  Scimitar 5 blade Light weight composite unit
  Hydraulic constant speed Protected leading edge
  Low rotation speed Good climb rate and cruise
  Fully reversible Short take off and landing
  Euro noise compliant Quality and reliability