Designed for Safety
Vliegmasjien appreciates that where family is involved even aviation safety is not good enough.  The Wolf A.U.V. is designed as a safety shell with predictable flying characteristics through its four flying surfaces and is crammed with safety devices and multiple options in the event of an emergency, including a ballistic triple parachute aircraft rescue system.
“Canard Stall 1st” wing system
Double Fowler flaps allow 55 Kts landing at MTOW
Extremely wide wheel track and bush tyres for safe touch downs.
Multi surface landing options
Reversible MTV5 propeller ensures short stops on any surface.
Safety shell constructed with “Aramid” to prevent penetration and splintering.
Split rudder serving as rudder effect enhancer, “tail straightener” and airbrake.
Dual calliper “ABS” brake system keeps you straight on any surface.
Infra-red camera option allows you to “see” when lights are ineffective.
Engine capable of running at 50% power on primary coolant loss.
Propeller blades turn to coarse pitch on oil pressure loss, reducing drag by 70%.
Aircraft rescue system (Parachute) deployable at cruise speed.
Dual dedicated Angle of Attack instrumentation.
Flap position compensation for Angle of Attack instrumentation.