“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success."- Nikola Tesla


Mr. Wolfgang Vormbaum

Wolfgang, an aviation enthusiast who has never held a pilot’s license, followed a boyhood dream to build an amphibious aircraft.  The idea was conceptualised more than 30 years ago and after having spent some 1400 hours designing and refining the concept, that was subsequently checked by two Aeronautical engineers, he received the build number from the SACAA in 2008. The Build phase of the C-Wolf commenced in 2011 with the establishment of Vliegmasjien (Pty) Ltd, which led to the Wolf A.U.V. concept making its first appearance at AAD 2012, with an overwhelmingly positive response. As a young man, Wolfgang studied at the Johannesburg Technical College in the early 1980’s and won numerous awards for excellence. He later took over the family business, namely Vormbaum Engineering in 1985. Vormbaum engineering specializes in tool and die making, metal pressing and the manufacturing of custom machinery to exact specification, for both national and international clients.


Wolfgang is assisted by the very competent young build team of Stefan (his son) and Anja, to physically construct the ITR aircraft under his guidance.


Mr. Elrick Mentz
Employed at Vliegmasjien, since its inception in 2011, Elrick develops technical illustrations for the C-Wolf project, specializing in detailed models and methods used in the assembly of the aircraft and its systems. Elrick is well versed in a variety of the latest software and self-levelling laser technology in conjunction with CAD programs to produce blueprints for the C-Wolf range of aircraft. As part of the design team he is responsible for CNC machining, 3-D printing and rendering software to produce different parts, moulds and photo realistic images.




Mr. Pierre van der Walt

Vliegmasjien has worked closely with SPB from the onset and many components and moulds of the ITR unit were in fact manufactured by SPB. In particular Pierre van der Walt as owner of SPB has been very generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling Vliegmasjien to benefit from a very steep learning curve and to produce top quality work from the word go. Pierre also signs off on all work done.



Mr. Mike Beukman and Mr. Len du Preez   Mr. Phillip Ferreira

Mike and Len are contracted as specialists to assist Vliegmasjien with the design & integration of all electrical & electronic systems related to the Wolf A.U.V ITR development. Both are familiar with MGL Avionics systems and aircraft electrical / electronic installations with decades of experience between them



South African based MGL has been selected as avionics suite of choice for the ITR and Civilian variant of the Wolf A.U.V.  Sophistication, configurability, quality and reliable local backup were amongst the main reasons for this choice. MGL has proven to be very helpful in this regard and the ITR will sport a dual iBOX / triple iEFIS system linked to a twin set of MGL’s latest SP-9 AHRS.    



Systems specific to client needs will be developed and fitted.

(MGL may not be used on Military Variants)

  Aircraft Certification Services cc, represented by Phillip has been contracted by Vliegmasjien to ensure compliance of CAA and other requirements in terms of FAR 23 (for NTCA and potential later TCA) and to provide structural verification data of the aircraft. Phillip holds a B Eng. Mech. (Aeronautical) from the University of Pretoria and has a lengthy career as an Airworthiness Engineer, Certification engineer (CAA 1998-07) and Senior Certification engineer.


Mr. Raymond Bakker & Mr. Richard Schulz

A new design Airframe with a new design Engine required very close co-operation between Vliegmasjien and ADEPT Airmotive. ADEPT has gone out of its way to assist Vliegmasjien in every facet of the engine fitment and configuration. This includes assistance with the design of the cooling system, the exhaust system with CAT converter, engine configuration to accept a MT’s reversible prop governor and the fitment of an A/C unit.




Mr. James O’Connell

James qualified as Test Pilot Class 1 at the Empire Test Pilot School (United Kingdom) in 1996. James holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the South African Air Force where he served as Chief Test Pilot for numerous programs, including that of the Oryx and the A109LUH acquisition programme. James has 20 years of flight test experience in a variety of aircraft, ranging from military helicopters to civilian fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.  His flying experience includes military flying as well as civilian rescue, relief & observation operations and working in the civilian sector. James is a qualified Flight Safety Officer and an Aircraft Crash Investigator, contracted to TFASA.

James has provided crucial input into the ergonomics and HOTAS requirements of the Wolf A.U.V. project and will be responsible for the flight test phases to follow.



Mr. Barry Zaayman 

Barry is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the University of Pretoria and attended No 20 Flight Test Engineer Course at the Empire Test Pilot School (United Kingdom) in 1996.  He has 19 years of engineering and flight test engineering experience of which 12 years were with the South African Air Force (SAAF) and the balance with the Royal Australian Air Force where he held the rank of Squadron Leader. Specialist experience was gained in aircraft performance and handling qualities testing, systems development and certification testing.

Barry plays a pivotal role in providing best practice and FAR 23 compliance advice, flight test planning and engineering process guidance for Vliegmasjien and will act as FTE during all flight tests phases.




Jolien Labuschagne



The role of women in the workplace has changed dramatically over the past decades with more women participating in the South African workforce, due to increased education opportunities. We want to help women to acquire skills in the aviation industry to overcome challenging circumstances and become valuable contributors to their families, their employers, and their communities.
We believe in visionary leadership and are future orientated. As a team, we develop an exciting picture of the future of what could be and of what should be, while tapping into our highest skills and abilities to achieve the desired results.

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